Montag, September 29, 2008

Future of JDeveloper, Weblogic Workshop and Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

"One ring to rule them all" was the statement and guess what was ment: Oracle JDeveloper. The "new" Oracle Weblogic Workshop is a fine tool but one day, at some point in time, it will go away and end over time. That won't happen in the near future. Strategically, JDeveloper will cover all things a developer has to use in his daily work. A new alternative for the Eclipse community is the OEPE: the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse. That's no standalone IDE, but a bundle of plugins for a standard Eclipse installation. Focus will be on JEE development. There won't be ADF, BPEL or other SOA stuff in the OEPE in the near future. We will see a first OEPE 1.0 GA release shortly, followed by a feature completed version OEPE 11g within 2009.

JDeveloper 11g will be shipped shortly with an embedded Weblogic Server 10.3, what means, that OC4J has gone here. For the Bulldog release of JDeveloper we may or may not see complete Lifecycle Application Management (ALM) features, like Bugzilla or Jira integration.

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