Donnerstag, März 22, 2012

Start Small, Grow Fast - How to start with Oracle SOA Suite

Just found some time to read this excellent write up by Edwin Biemond, Ronald van Luttikhuizen, and Demed L'Her about “a set of pragmatic best practices for deploying a simple and sound SOA footprint that can grow with business demand”.


I especially like the parts the in beginning motivating some dev/ops topics that should be absolutely honored in every FMW project.






Donnerstag, März 15, 2012

Statement of Direction: Oracle Forms, Oracle

Good news for all Forms & Reports users: There will be 12c versions. Migration path is clear. But there is no need to hurry at the moment. Maybe we talk about strategic options for the future?


Oracle says:

Oracle remains committed to the support of Oracle Forms and Reports. The support cycle is

aligned to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g for Forms and Reports and Oracle Developer Suite 10g

for Oracle Designer. This continuation of support will allow customers to easily upgrade their

applications to the web and benefit from the centralized deployment and shared services that the

application server provides.

Given the rapid growth and adoption of Java/Java EE technologies in the industry, Oracle’s

strategy is also to provide a productive Java EE development environment (JDeveloper, Oracle

ADF, and BI Publisher) allowing Forms, Reports and Designer customers to embrace Java EE

development while still using a familiar RAD, visual and declarative approach. 

Oracle recommends customers to web-deploy their existing Forms and Reports applications,

consider the opportunities of new development in Java EE using JDeveloper, Oracle ADF, and

BI Publisher, and integrate these applications together on Oracle Fusion Middleware, sharing

common services and business logic. 

With this strategy, Oracle allows customers to continue to leverage their existing investments for

many years while offering a path to incrementally move to Java EE, at their own pace, using a

productive and familiar development environment: JDeveloper and ADF, and BI Publisher.


Read full text here:

Donnerstag, März 08, 2012

Oracle Mobile Server 11g

Erste Projekterfahrungen zum Oracle Mobile Server 11g drüben auf unserem „The Cattle Crew“ Blog beschrieben von Jörg Mertins:


Oracle hat hier gute Arbeit geleistet, die alte Lite Datenbank eingemottet und nun mit Unterstützung von BerkleyDB und SQlite einen schönen Feature-Umfang:

-Einfache Replikation und Synchronisation der Offline-Datenbank auf dem mobilen Device mit einer Oracle Datenbank

-Nutzung der SQlite Datenbank auf dem Gerät

-Device Management durch den Mobile Server

-Automatische Synchronisation durch Server Push

-Offlinefähigkeit der Anwendung bis auf die Synchronisation wird unterstützt


Donnerstag, März 01, 2012

Case Management Modeling Notation (CMMN)

Es tut sich was Richtung Standardisierung beim Adaptive Case Management:


CMMN (Case Management Modeling Notation) standardization process is going on within OMG!



Agile, BizAgi, Cordys, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Singularity, SINTEF, Tibco, Trisotech, some individuals from academia


In Scope

-Specify a Meta Model, Notation and Operational Semantics for Case Management

-Specify an interchange format for Case Management Models based on XML-Schema and XMI

-Integration with and Extensions for BPMN 2.0


Out of Scope

-Deployment, Runtime, Org Models

-Content Management, Digital Signatures, Versioning etc.