Montag, September 29, 2008

Can you start a project based on Oracle SOA Suite today?

There's a lot of movement in the Oracle SOA Suite, while the BEA ESB, the BPMN tool and the BEA service repository are integrated. So, can you start today with SOA Suite 10g? Or do you have to wait for 11g? Or would you better switch to another vendor? Well, the answer is quite easy. The Oracle SOA Suite is an absolute reliable solution which can be used out of the box today. If you start from scratch, you can choose to use the BEA tools or the Oracle tools, depending on your actual requirements. Oracle promised an upgrade path for both directions to the new, joined tool suites. However this upgrade path may look, the surviving key concepts are clear: Oracle Service Infrastructure with the Policy Enforcement Points (PEPs) and Oracle Web Service Manager will transport the benefits of the SCA environment. The better BEA ESB will make life easier and will be integrated tighter. The settled SOA blue prints won't be touched, so architecture won't change too much in the future. So answer is: Yes, you can start with Oracle SOA Suite today.

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Agree, and if you could spare some breath to wait for you're even better of see: waiting for