Donnerstag, April 29, 2010

Executable BPMN 2.0 in new Oracle BPM Studio 11g release - First POC to be completed in the next few weeks

Bring your workflow projects to the next level! Oracle just released the 11g release of BPM Studio 11g. The migration work from Ex-BEA Aqualogic BPM (formerly known as Fuego) has been done - and the new release looks more than promising. Being part of the beta program with a real life customer case has given us a lot of insight into the new product and its possibilities.

Major points for the start now:

We have real BPMN 2.0, which get's executed. No more transformation from business models to executable models - just press the run button...

BPM Studio is not only a standalone workflow modeling tool. It's an extension of the already existing SOA Suite 11g, which runs in production at many customer sites, given us the experience of finding no bugs of bigger matter during the last weeks.

Initial quality of this release is very high. Especially from a runtime perspective: whole BPEL engine is reused, BPMN just was integrated. Good news.

Best thing: all you know about the Oracle SOA world stays relevant, because BPMN is an extension on top of the service platform. Therefore all the basic and advanced features of the platform can be reused in our BPMN 2.0 world. The degree of reuse is astonishing...


Mittwoch, April 28, 2010

SOA Suite 11gR1 Patch Set 2 is out!

Long awaited, tons of new features. Oracle SOA Suite 11g Patch Set 2 is available now on OTN and edelivery. Best thing: this time it’s a “real” patch, which can be applied to SOA Suite 11g PS1. Infos:


Dienstag, April 27, 2010

Oracle JDeveloper 11g Released

JDev already there. Waiting for SOA Suite 11g PS2, OSB 11g and BPM Studio 11g. Should come today, too, if signs and rumors are correct.