Freitag, Mai 11, 2007

Talking to Shai Schmeltzer about migrating from JDev to JDev

I asked Shai on whats his opinion on the problem, that the Oracle frameworks are that tiedly integrated in IDE, that with every new JDev you get new frameworks, too. Well, he is concious about that problem and the goal is to minimize the problems... The tied integration has to be because of the bunch of wizards which has to match the correct framework releases. So, biggest advantage for Jdev is its capability of visual development, Shai says, what brings a real performance boost. Asking him on the history of frameworks like UIX, he answered: "What happened with UIX I don't feel well about. The today's JSF stuff is different, because even if there would happen something to the way Oracle walks, you could switch to another IDE and go on with the project."

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