Freitag, Mai 11, 2007


Cool. Shai Schmeltzer has shown a life demo of new Jdev 11g. The demo was like the ones I showed for ADF some years ago: build some EJBs, generate DataControls for them and use them in a web page. Just that I used EJB 2.1 or BC4J and a Struts/JSP stack. Shai used the new EJB 3 stuff together with JPA and JSF. Looked very straight forward, good wizard support, code insight for annotations, easy. The datacontrol concept hasn't changed, just generates the XML metadata for a "service". What's very great is the new JSF design experience. Highlights: template support, graphical pageflow for navigation rules, region support. Regions are very smart: you can display portlets in a region or complete sub-pageflows. Just define a sub-pageflow like a normal pageflow, drop it in a region and you a have a micro pageflow in the main page. Design experience is great: very fast, very useful features, much clearer UI and concepts are more intuitive than in earlier releases. And: all the AJAX rich client components are Open Source now, too (like Trinidad before). I'm curious on how this will proove in first real life projects.

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