Montag, November 26, 2007

Oracle SOA Suite 11g

Here we go: some rumours talk about a Christmas gift: the new Oracle SOA Suite 11g official beta shall be available shortly before Christmas 2007. This will be a major step for our SOA projects:
  • Complete conversion of all modules to support Service Component Architecture (SCA). So we have only one deployment model for all artefacts.
  • Introduction of the Event Delivery Network (EDN) together with Java EE edition of BAM server (formerly .NET) and the new Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine.
  • Heavily enhanced Enterprise Service Bus (ESB): Support of sync, asynch services and events as first class citizens of the bus. New Service Infrastructure with Mediator component.
  • All consoles integrated in Enterprise Manager (EM).
  • Security: All binding components can be secured via Policy Enforcement Points, configured via Web Service Manager (WSM).
  • Support for Deployment plans within BPEL: no more customize tags needed...
  • and many more...

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